• Governments
  • Non-Profits
  • Private Businesses

On Point Services [OPS] is a woman-owned professional services company created by Haidee Stith. Our Principal and Associates have collective experience spanning decades in the Federal, State, Non-Profit, and Private Business sectors and are recognized, proven subject matter experts who solve problems for clients. All programs and services, whether public, private for-profit or non-profit, benefit from thinking like every business should: knowing who “buys” their products, why, and what is the return on investment desired?

Our Triple Bottom Line approach is based on our clients having a cohesive strategic vision and action plan, ensuring that sound management principles guide responsible operations, and that the clients’ products or services are offered with a dose of social and environmental consciousness. Described as tenacious, out-of-the-box and impeccably trusted, OPS has a reputation for delivering its clients tangible results from collaborative inter-disciplinary solutions.